Seat 2: La Mesa - El Cajon

The district

The GCCCD Board is supposed to be nonpartisan and yet every member on the board is heavily funded by the AFT Union. Leaders need to stop placing politics into education and the classroom, both in the K-12 level and in higher education. The unions have had far too much say in local decisions that may not even accurately reflect what their faculty dues-paying members want. My family is a part of the Electrical Union Trust. I am pro-union when unions represent their members accurately.


As a full-time working mother, I was suddenly without childcare when the Cuyamaca Child Development Center preschool abruptly placed loyal staff on unpaid administration leave indefinitely for unreasonable COVID mandates. This heartless action temporarily closed their full-time preschool classes for almost five months leaving many neighbors like myself, students in need of childcare, and low-income immigrant and refugee families without reliable childcare.



Enrollment numbers are at historical lows because of mandates many high school graduates growing up in the area are being subjected to upon enrollment.